It’s Sunday morning, and I’m up walking Stella, I’m gonna conduct an experiment in Mindfulness. 

Apart from the roar of a passenger jet above us, the woods are silent, but slowly coming to life. I locate the sound of the plane, following it’s vapour trail. 

A pigeon breaks into the silence, along with another plane. As I increase my mindfulness to my surroundings I become aware of the buzz of sone flies, 

The moon still visible in the morning sky, I walk down a newly mown track, the hedge has also been thru, I cannot turn right as I cam hear the cows lowing in that field. 

Birdsong fills the air, I’ve no idea what they are, but they’re twittering away. The crunch of my feet on the pebble pathway is the loudest sound 

2 more vapour trails denote people off on holiday or business trips. 

I stop, I hear a bumble bee, Stella’s feet trip trapping along.

My mindfulness turns inward, I become aware of the ache in my glutes after yesterday’s hill sprints. 

I’m doing my best not to look for new sounds and sights just letting them happen, but then I hear the double cracks of a shot gun, in the distance. 

Turning inward again I note the itch of an insect bite, as I turn the final corner I hear an animal that appears to be in distress as the sound is stationery. 


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