5-2s Not a footy score 

Having broken the plateau  last week I stayed completely bread free this week, but I’ve neither gained or lost again. 

I’ve read a lot about Michael Moseley’s 5-2 diet. in which you eat “normally” for five days, but fir 2 non consecutive days you limit yourself to 600 calories as a man. (500 if your a woman) 

Being %100 honest I’m not sure I could, my breakfast alone uses 300 calories according to My Fitness Pal and being bread free means toast is not an option, but I could adapt it to limit myself to a thousand? 

But in all this I’ve never forgotten an ex army pti’s advice don’t diet “eat and live heath” which was easy as a single guy but living on a budget and because of financial difficulties as a result of a short period of being out of work, and accursed payday loans, we are also living in a self imposed austerity plan. All this makes a healthy eating plan difficult. 

Don’t get me wrong, if you saw my food diary it contains healthy, shredded wheat for breakfast, a banana and 2 apples and ham, corned beef or chicken with sweetcorn, carrot or lettuce as my lunch, it’s my dinner where I slip, Chicken Kiev or sausages, a large bowl of pasta, my stock dinners this week, and a chicken shish lady night, but no I didn’t eat the pitta 

Stella did.

But then as I pointed out in a previous post I am a professional courier, so on the odd occasion I’m forced to use motorway services, and tell me where the healthy option is amongst KFC, COSTA, MACDONALDS, BK and Subway. 

I am largely sticking to my plan however just pointing out my own weeknesses I suppose. However I can sort it out, because I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me !!!!!!!!!!!!


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