5k before Breakfast 

5k Before breakfast, 11.24, 10.48 and 11.17 my mile times for my run this morning, which I am happy with, 44 yrs old and my times are getting faster, and so is my endurance. 

I can’t believe a little over a year ago I struggled to run half a mile, but thru perseverance and determination I have built it up, by running as far as I could, walking to recover and repeat. Eventually I was running a mile, I then introduced proper interval runs first a 25 minute walk 5 minutes then alternate a minute run a minute walk, walking the last 4 minutes. 

When I was comfortable with this I took the next step a 5to6 mile interval run, warm up 0.6 miles then run 2 tenths walk or jog 1 and repeat 12 times then slow down. 

My mist recent addition “hill sprints” not only developing my cardiovascular system, but  developing my glutes. It’s only a short run, but upping the effort for those five uphill sprints raises the heart beat beyond a normal run. 

As I read and take on new advice I will gain even further so watch this space and remember I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!!!!


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