Hill Intervals


Having read an article about the benefits of hill sets, on Pinterest.
I knew of a long enough, steep enough hill and its about a mile away, so long enough for a warm up, i arrived and walked down, turned, passing Stella, and ran up the 100m  to the top, and repeated 6 times.
Returning to the main bulk of my 4 mile run, i did a random interval set, with an extra unintended hill sprint on the way back

Its already 18 degrees C at 7am so i am sweating, this morning and i raised my heartbeat into the fat burning zone 140bpm.

Having completed the days run, i am recovering by writing this and my glutes are aching so the article must be right, about hill sets working your gluteals, so watch this space. I am not gonna try to take a pic  if my bum sorry. Lol

You know by now that I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me !!!!!!!!!!!


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