And chill


The next 16 days are all about Me, Louise and this little bundle of mischief Stella.
A fortnight’s staycation,  who knows what we’ll get up to, but it won’t be work. Although I do aim to run or walk at least 4 miles per day. That’s 64 miles over 16 days.

God knows I need a break,  works been crazy with cock ups,  and the last two weeks has been manic,  with me in the 7.5 tonne most of it.


My knee is niggling again,  so I’m limited to a power walk again.
But it’s still burning the fat my midweek weigh should see me on course for another lb or maybe 2 gone.
Sunday should see me and Lou putting mums gardening straight,  so also more tan on my back,  shoulders and chest.
I’m writing this in the middle of  a 6 mile walk.
Just goes to show though,  I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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