Been up since 3.15 this morning, its been sunny all morning, i get home from work, change into some running gear, stretch, grab Stella and her lead and im intending to do 2.5 miles in 30 minutes, and within 10 munutes its yamming down and hail. So i ran, for cover.
Waited for the hail to stop, having paused my runtastic app. The hail duly subsided, and we began running again.
It rained a little more but i achieved the target within 25 minutes.

If i look back at my running record, i realise im getting faster, and going further,  which is good, however im not sure where to go now, sure ive got my challenges, but do i concentrate on speed or distance not forgetting my chief  goal, weight loss. Sure i coukd do 5 mikes in an hour,  but i like the interval discipline. Ive also heard terms such as fartlec
Tempo run
i believe they’re  some form of training technique but know luttle about them. Any way i cam improve my runnjng speed, or distance or stamina would be interesting.

I know ill take any suggestions on board because I CAN I CAN I CAN You just watch me !!!!!!!



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