Determination and drive


The thing that has amazed me most on this journey of mine,  is how I’ve learnt to over come obstacles.
This past week my right knee has been niggling,  which has made it difficult to run,  the old me would have given up,  but no I’ve redirected my efforts into power walking,  and I’m still achieving my challenges,  I’ve already accrued the 10 miles I need to qualify for one draw,  and as I write this I’m on the way to achieving the second,  4 four mile runs/power walks,  in the given time.

My dogged determination has meant I’m achieving another target 90 per cent  of the time 10000 steps per day. Yesterday I walked a total of 12 miles achieving a new personal best of 22100 steps.

The result of all this calorie burning this morning I weighed myself at 14st 13lb so I’ve finally broken under the 15st.

Why? Because I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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