The weight of the world


One of my wise followers pointed out I’m smiling more in the material I post on here.
And you know she’s right,  on reading that comment it made me think,  about my journey since I started this blog.
I’m not saying things are easy, but I certainly don’t feel like I’ve the weight of the world on my shoulders any more.
Other things I’ve noticed;
1 I’m more confident, I’ve learnt to enjoy the steps I take, rather than achieving the end goal
2 I’m also more calm, not getting as wound up as I used to, when another driver cuts me up.
3 getting control of my emotions has helped me 90’/. Of the time now I don’t go off half cocked, letting Clarence hijack me, there are still times he explodes, but I know how to exercise him, and box him or feed him bananas.

I could go on, but I won’t blow my own trumpet too much, I’ll let my navigator help me. Pmsl you know who you are.
But from the person I was eighteen  months ago, angry and insecure, even I’d say I am a changed person.
Another large influence over the new me,  has to be down to getting back to running, burning off the excess adrenaline in my system, before Clarence feeds on it.
Just goes to show my motto, I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
is so true. And if I can, you can!


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