Takin it easy


Although I shook this cold off on Monday,  I’m still feeling  it,  Blowing my nose,  etc. But I will not let it stop me,  slow me down maybe, but it ain’t gonna stop me.
Ran again today,  1.9 miles in 26 minutes,  slow but done.
If I don’t make time to run,  when I’m able,  I won’t run,  which means I’ll give up,  so I say again you can slow me down.   but you ain’t gonna stop me.
I’ve written before about my motivation,  my dear old dad
At my age, dad was a fireman, fit and healthy, but when he retired he didn’t change his intake, but his activity went down, so the inevitable happened, and by the time he went to his grave he was 20+ stone. Don’t get me wrong dad was and still is, a positive role model, I just don’t wanna end my days that way.
So I run, do cardio squats, etc. 
When you start it’ll seem like a chore but slowly it becomes a habit, and if you do it right your inner chimp will enjoy it, and motivate you.
Because I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me, or you know what join me because you can too!


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