Lou and I on Royal wedding day.

They say when your low,  to look at the positives in your life. Well Louise is the biggest,  she makes me wanna get better every day.


Stella; makes so many things possible, 2-4 walks per day, some of which she comes running with me on. I can talk to her (digs owners know what I mean) and she just listens, helping me think.


My not so little one, Jessica. Whom I see as much as possible. 

Other positives in my life, I have a job, which most of the time I enjoy, I am altogether fit and healthy, we’re not struggling financially any more, mainly down to the budgeting skills of the lady at the top of my post and world.

In doing this I realise I could list so many positives, you’d get bored, however I’ve realised that they way outweigh the negatives which I have learnt I can change.

I’ve done all this without a single pill, just two of the most life changing influences you’ll ever need;
1 EMMA TRIPPLET who will deny it, but I say any ship needs a navigator, and she is mine.
2 THE CHIMP PARADOX which Emma reinforced, that splits your mind into THE CHIMO your emotions THE HUMAN your intellectual self and THE COMPUTER your storage.

I would highly recommend both of these brilliant influences, for me o avoided depression, I am convinced I was heading in a nose done that way, but realising it was my ejector seat, the book my parachute and Emma, the rescue helicopter.

Why do I think this? Because I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me! ! ! ! ! ! !


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