Cold shower, seriously?


Apparently the best thing, after a workout, is to have the final minyte or so of your shower, COLD!
Well i ran 2.6 miles this morning, then did exactly that, and wow  is it invigorating, and refreshing. Apparently tge science of it, the cold shower activates the “good fat” which apperently aids wait loss and weirdly fat burning. (Im sure the graduates amongst you will be able to explainthis in more complex detail, so feel free)


Well i chose a random route today, and Stella and i just put one foot in front of the ither, two in stellas case, ended yp runnung nearly 3 mikes i think, because my app lost gps signal for aroung half a mile.
Oh well you know my motto I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!


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