Easter Monday still Run day


Woke up late for me,  7am,  but had my coffee,  a bowl of porridge waited 20 minutes  then out with Stella.
Didn’t really set out with a plan,  just ran,  just over a mile.

The weekend  saw me unusually  light on calories except Sunday which actually saw me get near my calorific max. But it was all healthy. Tuna salad with jacket potato,  with yoghurt for dessert.
Lunch slightly unhealthy,  cheese tomato and onion on toast.
Breakfast 2 slices of white toast.
However  over the weekend I was also burning around a thousand  calories each day,  which saw me weigh in yesterday at 15st 3.

See told you I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me! ! ! ! ! ! !


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