Something special


3 miles  in under 30 minutes. Gonna need the weekend to recover from that all out run,  first mile in under 8 minutes,  second around 8 and the final around 10.
I’m walking back with Stella,  to cool my muscles,  but that really showed me what I can do,  in the right conditions, 
Right fuel
Right terrain, 
Right weather

I did the run listening to an inspiring run story THE WINGS FOR  LIFE about an international run to raise money for spinal cord injury research.

I cannot commit  to a running club, because of the nature of my job,  I never know when I’m gonna be home,  as I truck and van the highways and byways of the UK. But it’d be nice to know what a club could get out of me.

As I walk back to the flat, I realise Clarence has gone to sleep, either satisfied, or burnt out by the fastest run to date. My mind is clear, and focused on the day ahead.

Because I  CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!! ! ! !


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