Monday is interval day


After starting  my working day, at midnight, and a trip from Essex to Welshpool, I get home, have a cup of coffee, and a sandwich, wait 10 minutes, grab the infamous  Stella


and away into the woods for a 25 minute interval run. Walking the 10 minute warm up at a fast pace, the five sets of Run and jog for a minute at a time, are getting easier, but not too easy. I used the 5 minute slow down to do  exactly that, slow down from a run to a jog, to a fast walk to a normal walk.
As a result I completed 1.85 miles which after Saturday and Sunday’s runs I’m pleased with, as even today I pushed the pace during the run sections.

I’m gonna try to up things, a little this week, as I’m plateuing, and although I’m getting into shape, again, I’m not losing weight, so I’m cutting my calories from 2500 to 2200, especially on a rest day.
The weekend was strange as according to my app, Runtastic, and my fitness pal, which I use to keep an eye on my calories, I left very few calories  unburnt over Saturday or Sunday.

But then I can do anything I choose to do, because, I CAN I CAN I CAN you  just watch me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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