Fridaywoods walks


Fridaywood are slowly coming back to life, dull browns turn to multiple shades of green as I power walk thru then with STELLA 


Pigeons and a plethora of other birds chirrup, rabbits scarper as Stella approaches, Stella it has to be said is about as subtle as I, and even my mother described me as bull in a China shop, style.
The only greyness the cloud cover that the weather man says isn’t there.

It’s stunningly easy to forget your only minutes from Colchester town ctr, in the woods, once you leave the lanes,for the dusty pathways, barbed wire fences control your route, with the odd kissing gate,


Or style, to cross.
The woods are relatively untouched, as they’re owned by the MOD, and the army use the huge square milage as training grounds, so e days you’ll see apache helicopter gunships, or jolly green giant transport choppers, chinook or for the first time ever the twin bladed osprey which can land and take off like a helicopter then fly like a plane.

As I walk I note a platoon setting up camp, I’m being watched, by two would be snipers, not very well hidden.


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