The difference a week makes


Well you guys and gals know I started running again last week, I weighed 15st 10 last Sunday, this morning I weighed in at 14St12 so to say I’m chuffed, (Clarence too) is an understatement.

Truths are however, that was week 1 where the loss was likely to be dramatic, and next week is not likely to be so drastic. .
Also I’ve cut my sugar down, only half a spoon in normal coffee, and none in Caramel coffee.
I’ve cut out crisps again, and not really replaced them in my lunch Box.
With the help of rule number 1 in the chimp paradox, “do I want this……..” I’ve managed to spread my lunch box out through the day, every day last week, so I  would eat an hour after starting work, then every two hours religiously, so that Clarence knew I wouldn’t let him go hungry, but wasn’t going to binge my box, within an hour of starting work.

See I know I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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