Revisiting the chimp pt2


Probably for the sixth or even seventh time I’ve completed the chimp paradox, listening to if in my van or truck, and every time I listen I connect with something different.

A definite aid for me, is:

for dealing with immediate stress, and Accept
Move on (with a )
For when you cannot see a way to sort a problem out.

I’ve also taken a lot from the
Right person
Right way
Right agenda
Right time
Right place
For important conversations
From this I’ve decided I’m going to write one of my sources of stress a letter, stating that at no point on the letter do I mean them any offense, then go on to detail why I feel a situation last yr, that I’ve been kidding myself, didn’t matter, happened, detailing my reaction, why I reacted and how I read the other participants input. If this doesn’t work I will AMP.
It also reminded me, that confidence and happiness comes from within, not in material things or other people.

A skill I would like to learn though is how to react to my partners chimp, when I get back from a work trip late, from an unforeseen problem. I know I need to state truths, once her chimp has exhausted herself.

But you know what I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!


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