Racist? Me?


In my life I’ve been called a lot of things, that don’t really bother me, but someone accused me of being racist on Facebook which I find abhorrent, so if it’s true I apologise, but;

Am I racist because I don’t like what is happening to this once great country.

Am I racist because I feel we let the immigrants dictate our way of life, we don’t celebrate our history because it is offensive, hey its a fact.

Racism is an abhoration and I feel it should be stamped out but like any Prejudice it’s something that has to be worked on from all sides, people have to take responsibility before things can change.

Before long we’re going to become something that as a generation is a terrible thought, but with the tide growing it is likely in my thoughts we will become a Nazi state.
At the last election I voted for the the UKIP party because I see them as a less extreme message to this government than voting for the BNP which I find totally abhorrent.

Don’t get me wrong I want to live in a tolerant Society but that tolerance has to go both ways these immigrants are indeed leaving from a terrible situation but why do they want to bring that way of life they’re fleeing from, with them.

I get they’re fleeing a terrible life, so why do we have to learn their ways, surely to fully integrate they need to learn ours.

I want my daughter to grow up in a tolerant Society, one that is not born of oppression, and hatred. But of tolerant people, who know, no prejudice, neither negative nor positive. If you are better than me at the potential job then you deserve that job, but if you are of an ethnic minority, or a woman, or lgbt I care not, if you’re better than me at my job, but just because of the demograph of society you live in that too is wrong.

I’m neither homophobic, sexist or I hope racist, and if I am in your view any of these I do so hope you’ll accept a genuine apology.


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