Every cloud has a silver lining


It’s been a while since my last post, but eleven years ago saw some of my darkest times. August 05 I split with my ex, i moved around for couple of days, until the council found me a place in a hostel, which to be fair looked after me for the best part of a year.
But although it was a dark time, it also showed me, how hard my life could be; along with myself there was a lawyer, whod also split with his wife, two homeless drug addicts, and three who’d just been released from Chelmsford prison, to be fair they were nice guys, but It really taught me, that I was lucky, I had a roof over my head, admittedly we had to be out during the day, but the hostel provided a quality evening meal, often cooked by the chef from the pub.
I wasn’t on the streets, I wasn’t on drugs, in prison or hospital.
This is some I remind myself of when I’m feeling down.
But eleven years on my life isn’t so bad, I’ve a partner who I adore, a nice flat, my daughter and my best mate Stella


What more do I really need?


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