Scrambled eggs after a run


Normal Sunday, grab stella
And run, ran as hard as I could allowing myself only one walking break, and managed just over a mile.
I returned home made my good ladies poached yolks, and combined her whites with my 3 whole eggs, scrambled them added Worcestershire sauce and black pepper and placed on wholemeal toast. (I recently learned that Worcestershire sauce us in fact ground anchovies,) but that doesn’t put me off.
It’s drizzling out there and extremely muddy, and if it was a little colder I’d expect a large dose of snow.
It’d be nice to get a dose, in Christmas week, but it can p off when I go back to work on the 4th January.
Although my good lady may disagree as she has to work between Christmas and New year.
But then I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!


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