People ask me why I’m trying to get in shape, the answer I give is my Dad.while I loved, respected and admired him, 3 years 6 months on from his funeral he still drives me on, I do a fairly sedan try job, with little real activity, and I don’t wanna end up 20st plus like my father did.
He motivates me to keep going, and keep on my journey and ultimately achieve my goals and dreams in life.
My mother worries me she’s 79 and stressing over my sisters situation, and I realise, of course, she’s my sisters mum too, but am I wrong to think she shouldn’t worry at the expense of herself, she’s never been a selfish person and I’m not asking her to start now, but I am asking her to accept her limitations, and let me and my elder brother to take some of the decisions and strain off of her, because I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!

For the record I ran same goal as yesterday but 200 calories and did it two minutes faster


2 thoughts on “Motivated

  1. It’s not ended up like my Mum that movitates me. She is overweight, solitary has loads of health problems and sits in a chair all day – she’s only 75, she could still be very active, but choose not to all her life.

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    1. Mum is as active as shes able, what worries me is she worries about anything and everything, i want to get her to read THE CHIMP PARADOX but shes of the attitude you cant teach an old dog new tricks


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