We’ve come so far.

Originally my intention was to write this blog, for the duration of 2015, however re reading this as I occasionally do, I realise that I’ve been on quite a journey this year.


Heading possibly for depression, I decided that wasn’t my destination, and with the help of emma from old town hypnotherapy, whose praises I cannot sing highly enough, and Dr Stephen peters The Chimp Paradox, a life changing book.
I listened to the  book 5 or 6 times, and I still revisit chapters when I need it’s guidance, and emma is at the other end of the email when I need further guidance.


Well gradually I began to realise that my fate was in my hands, my mood, my outlook on life, everything is a decision I can decide to either;
1 allow to get to me, and ruin my day, week etc
2 say you aren’t gonna to get the better of me, you’re not gonna ruin my day, I’m gonna waste no energy on you whatsoever.
Well option 2 is becoming all the more easier, there are still people who want to get under my skin, and I think to myself, I must be so great …….. wants to upset me.
With emma, and the books guidance I will never forget the biggest influence in my life


My dear father, who passed on in 2012 shortly before his 82 birthday and the one thing he wanted to hold on for, the London  Olympics. But I am slowly getting passed the angry feelings I am left with towards a family member.
Cancer has, once again, reared it’s ugly head, a PEComa in my sisters shin, and as I write she is having a section of her shin removed, keeping her going has led to a lot of reliance in the chimp paradox, even guiding her to read it.
The old me would’ve given up, and rather like the ostrich buried my head in the sand, but to my surprise I’m supporting my mum.
My strength is starting to come back thru, in fact stronger, as I no longer draw my mood from my surroundings, no as I said earlier, my mood is my decision.
I close with my motto I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me


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