Thank you Doctor


Continuing from my earlier post, I went to the doctors, he diagnosed either Carpal tunnel, or it could be related to my whiplash injury early this year 
Either way it involves inflammation which is to be taken down via NSAIDS in this Naproxen. But it may take a few days to go away.
So I came home, had what I’d packed up as my lunch today, had a coffee and took the dog for a run. 2.3 miles in 30 minutes.
Clarence is happier as the diagnosis wasn’t serious, I did manage to keep him away from Google, and or speculating as to likely causes of the pins and needles.
The run excersised Clarence, and he is asleep right now.

Yesterday my sister had the all clear, from her second ECG so unless the Nhs are really cruel she’ll go in on the 15th November.
Haven’t heard from my brother so I assume he’s managed to avoid surgical invasion for his kidney stones.


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