Is it a man thing


Why is it I can write down, or describe how i feel on here, but I cannot talk about how I feel with the people close to me, the only person I used to be able to (pictured above) is my dear old Dad.
I also used to be able to talk to my brother when I was young, but we’ve grown apart.
The only time I really talk about how I feel, is when I lose my temper, and even though I realise that I don’t get taken seriously because I’ve lost my temper.
I recently had a real chat with my brother though, my sister-in-law and neices were away, and it was just us, before knocking kn the door I told Clarence to keep calm and leg my intellect talk, and it worked, I did actually orate how I felt, (before you say it, I know I contradicted myself)
I can learn techniques to deal with things but it is not NATURAL to me.
I know then that thus is a chimp thing, and that I can overcome it, but I know I’m going to get into situations when I cannot prepare Clarence, and speaking if an actual situation that did happen, if I walk away, I’m accused of running away, being weak.
The reason I’m thinking this today is because of a conversation I forced myself to have with my daughter


Who has an amazing strength of character to say exactly what she thinks, and I told her that I was proud of her, and that I found it hard to open up the way she can.
In writing this I’ve realised why I find it so hard, it’s  because it’s with people who’ve, in my opinion, have betrayed me or my trust.
See told you I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Is it a man thing

  1. Often its the stronger person who has the intellectual control to walk away and not react emotionally with your chimp. By doing that you can later evaluate what you want to say, if anything at all and talk about it rationally, quite often you find you can let it go when you’ve had time to think from your intellect. Someone accusing you of being weak is just trying to wind you up and control you in to reacting as they do, don’t let them have their way, they will eventually realise that it wont work and will talk to you rationally and respectfully if they are able to.

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  2. Let people who you want to in on your blog, they will think more of you for it and if its a place you can talk openly, then it will help people to understand you, they wont judge.

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