Surreal thoughts pt 2

Today is a slightly enforced break day, training wise at least, but as I caned my body yesterday on top of my run doing an hours circuit’s, every muscle aches today.
Today whilst drivong I had another surreal thought however this one I’m sure there’s an answer to, Why is there 2 conflicting units of measure, Imperial and metric.
Assuming that imperial by its very name referring to Empire is the older, who’s reasoning saw fit to replace the inch, foot, yard and mile etc with the mm, cm. METRE and km.
I know I measure my stats in stones and lbs, and feet and Inches, and only use the metric where metric is a required input for an app or some other form.
Equally I know there is a reason but why change from pounds, shilling and d’s, to the decimal system.

Another thought while listening to Jeremy vine on radio 2, and the tirade of abusive tweets towards the only remaining lion ramer in the uk, complaining at the caging of the like of lions and tigers, whom in essence i agree with, i wonder whether they have a dog or a cat, and if theyd have us unleash both species, into a wild on which theyd surely not survive.

My point I suppose is if it ain’t broke why fix it.


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