Surreal thoughts


In my ever calm mind, with Clarence asleep most of the day, I’ve been having some quite surreal thoughts,
For instance FRIDAYWOODS where Stella and I get our regular excersise are possibly some of the oldest woods in the uk. So it is there for not impossible to imagine Roman legions dealing with the Iceni and Bodicea.

Another thought, having heard a rather odd news story of the gentleman who created the mallard, who’s name escapes me, having a statue designed with a mallard duck and the furor that those who think it an insult to his memory. Surely a tribute is a tribute, and the duck would attract children’s curiosity.

Another thought I had whilst driving in london today, was the picture in my mind driving East along the embankment, looking into the sky, as my father used to tell, seeing the spitfire and hurricanes trying to stop the onslaught of the NAZI heinkels, and escorting ME109s during the Battle of Britain.

Not my usual content, but I felt the need to impart my random thoughts.


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