Feel the ache


After 3 runs in three days my gluteals maximus and hamstrings are aching like there’s no tomorrow. So I think it might be a day for a change of tack .
I read an article suggesting that squats and upper leg workouts along with yoga or pilates is good for a developing runner.
So I think it may be a good time to reintroduce the yoga or pilates into my regime.

Spoke to mum last night, as I realised it would have been Grandma’s birthday, we laughed at the fact if she were still here she’d be 113.
Also caught up with my sisters progress, she’s got her op date, in on 25 for op on 26 October.


I’ve received this clever girls school report and she’s doing well, surprisingly well in all her subjects, except science.


This beast had me up in the night as she was unsettled and a fifteen min walk at 1 am seemed to help.

Oh well all taken in my stride, because I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!

Good to my word,
1 mountain pose 1 min
2 warrior 3 10 secs
3 cobra 1 min
4 child 1 min
5 horse stance 1.40


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