2.25 miles

Ran 0.75 miles walked 100 metres just to measure pulse rate. Hence 2.25 miles.
Stella is keeping up with me again, so it must be doing her some good.

I think my limited fat is being hit hard this week, the run today allegedly burnt 503 calories. Saturday will tell, if we go over as Lou is not well, colds gone to her chest.
She has a auto immune deficiency so anything she gets hits her hard.
Running is getting me focused again, and I like the calm I get after a run.

Just goes to show I CAN I CAN I  CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


God I look like my brother.
stella us having her third walk of the day which means after my earlier run I’m adding a power walk of thirty mins with a couple of added extras like a minute of step ups, twice, 2 sets 10 squats.
Stella’s not feeling very photogenic, but here she is again walking thru Fridaywoods.

little beast wangled a fourth walk, after stinking the flat out, I’m trying to think if something nice to say, lol


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