Slaying old ghosts

Visited Halstead again today, by chance I saw a very dear friend of mine, whom circumstances made me lose contact with, owing him approximately £1500.
I saw him today for the first time since I split with my ex, I said to him before continuing walking “I’m sorry, I never meant to stitch you up, re that money!” His  answer was one only a true friend would’ve given “Don’t worry about it?”
Putting to rest one if my oldest ghosts. .


Slaying this ghost, is powerful, for me, it has been one if my greatest regrets losing contact, with a friend who I dud almost everything with, my father was very fond of hIm and we taught him to fish. I felt for years that I had betrayed him. I met his to beautiful girls today too.

Just goes to prove I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!!


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