Housework burns calories

Start my day in the usual way, coffee milk 2, then grab the dogs lead and away into the woods, turn on RUNTASTIC and hit a mile and a half run, running at a good pace.
I get home and my better half Louise has gone to work, leaving me a note, clean the kitchen please.
So I prepare my Warm lemon water, drink it, and start, moving things from an area, De grub it, wash it over replace and move in, an hour later I put the last item back, and decided to hoover and mop thru.

I will nevery say Lou has it easy again, although I never recall saying it anyway, the sweat was dropping off me.
Weirdly Clarence liked it, seeing the kitchen looking clean and tidy, after our efforts.
So my respect goes to all you domestic cleaners out there.

I’m feeling pretty good, hoping for results after a hard week of excersising, I am praying I’ve got off this plateau, even a single lb would be a result, but I’m conscious that the achievement is in doing, results are a bonus, (my beloved Liverpool Fc always do their best, but don’t know what the result will be until the fat lady sings!)

Oh well as I’ve said a hundred times before I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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