20 minutes weightfree


Today, I get home from work early, have my coffee, then hit a 20 minute workout,
1 push ups 3*10
2 squats 3*10
3 jumping jacks 3* 20
4 shoulder dips 3*5 hard to do at mo
5 warrior 3 from yoga 10 seconds
6 single leg squats 3*5

Call me crazy added a 100M commando crawl and 1.5 mile run, I really wanna get off this plateau.

As I have said several times, the renewed me is fired up, and more determined than ever, so the old me is definitely coming back, the guy with the never say die attitude.

Rereading some of my older posts, I realise I’m not so driven by fear, I’ve accepted things may happen and that I will deal with them when they happen, not if.
Referring to “the chimp paradox!” I’ve identified a lot if my gremlins and replaced them, with more constructive autopilots, I am no longer guided by what ********* may think, however I am mindful of what a few carefully chosen people might think, esp my dad. I’m becoming more confident, and I guess, strangely after 43 years I’m finally discovering the real me, I’m able to accept, plan and move on, when I don’t like something or someone.
My motto is very definitely I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!
I’m definitely more aware of myself, less driven by my mood, or the moods of others.
5 months after starting my renewed fitness regime I’ve lost a stone, and I’m keeping going even though I’ve plateaud again.


But I’m sure if and when i get around to measuring my waistline I’m no longer a 38 inch waist, in fact measured right now

Chest 41 inches
Waistline 36 inches
Upper arm r 12.5  inch l same

I’ve certainly started doing a lot of things I’d never have thought I would consider Yoga and pilates for certain even though both cone from male influence, yoga the Indian guru’s and pilates from Greeks apparently.

Oh well you already know how I’m closing this post I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!


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