Morning burn before breakfast

Coffee, walk Stella, 10 minute pilates, 10 minutes yoga and 3 sets of push ups followed by toast and a pint of warm lemon water to star my day, in that order.

I think this regime is going to be more sustainable thru the colder months, my abs, may be under cover but I can sit bolt upright without using my arms, and by working 2 of my larger muscle groups, ie gluteals and upper legs, every other day I’m burning calories. The yoga and pilates will build the smaller stabilisin muscles. Circuits burn fat and build muscle.


I read back over some of my posts yesterday having discovered tagging, and I realised something amazing, I’m no longer over influenced by the mood of those around me, and that’s taken 43 years to happen.
Clarence seems content as I enter the last third of 2015.

Just goes to show I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Morning burn before breakfast

  1. That’s amazing Richard. That’s how it should work, you look back and realised something has changed and you have let things go or they have just faded away, when you try and force them away, you can sometimes achieve it for a while, but they come back. Doing it the right way and focussing on something more positive in your life, the bad things you don’t want just fade into insignificance and lose all their power over you.

    You are amazing, I am so impressed you’ve kept it up and gone from strength to strength, you are and inspiration and an example and my hat goes off to you! xx


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