Got home this evening to find my sister had been talking about me behind my back, to my fiancees cousin, and it’s gone around Louise’ whole family in the “don’t say anything, but!” fashion which to be fair was started by my sister and yes she did know who she was talking too.

By the time it’s gotten finally to me, Clarence was going bonkers, as Louise aunt possibly now feels like she’s being spied upon, by my mother which is totally untrue, and that is based upon what has been said so it is not so much speculation.

In true Clarence style I was on the phone straight away to my mum, asking what she’d said, as I suspected she’d said very little and my sister was reading between the lines, when there was only really a line there.

Next my sister was in the firing line,and by this time Im talking heavy calibre machine gun, not an air rifle.

Well after a couple of texts my sister phoned and apologised which was completely unexpected but appreciated.
I’m left with a weekend if damage limitation, so I’ve taken stella out and taken the opportunity for a short but well needed run.

Having excersised Clarence, and boxed him, I am calm. But I can’t fathom how to sort this one, I’m not supposed to know, because louise is not supposed to say anything, because her mum is not supposed say anything, because her mum’s sister wasn’t supposed to say anything.
It’s at times like this you realise how destructive “don’t say anything!” Can be. If I was supposed to know I would buy all three in the line above Lou a bunch of flowers and apologise, but how can I apologise for something im not supposed to know about?


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