Shaking things up this morning I did thirty minutes of circuits;
1 knees up crunch
2 squats
3 cycle crunches
4 plank with leg raises
5 lunges
6 jumping jacks
7 knee raises twists
8 crunches
9 press ups
10 bench dips

Thinking on the avenue I opened in last night’s post, my brain is popping with a couple of ideas for grow able business ideas;

1 courier, what I know best, but the market is flooded, so my USP would have to be something awesome.
2 some sort of running club, but I’d need a qualified instructor until I could do it myself

These are the chief 2, but I’m going to keep thinking for now, until I settle on an feasible idea, then grow from that a feasible business plan, then once it’s gone thru my chief critic (me) I’ll open it up to a handful of trusted advisors to see if I’ve left anything out. For Eg my running club idea, has few set up costs, if I could persuade the pti, to be on commission.

My mind is really firing on all cylinders now, I’m amazed how positive I’m becoming once again.
I realised so much this year, esp the damage my previous relationship had done, to my very nature.

But just goes to prove I CAN I CAN

I CAN you just watch me !!!!!


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