2 minutes

My personal planking challenge rose to 2 minutes, this morning,
Ill go again on Thursday.

I want to make sure that my new activities, stay seperable from each other, because for eg I started planking because of my knee, whivh us almodt recovered,  but i miss the running, when i tun i enjoy it, same with yoga, or anything that gets my blood pumping.

I certainly feel the benefit of it all, and Clarence is quiet, but that worries me,  as my intention worked, im kerping control of Clarence by tiring him out, but there are times whenfor whatever reasons,  i won’t be able to do some of my activities. What then? 

I have been  thinking about my formative years, as  a teenager i had suspected epilepsy, only petit mal, never Grand mal, but i wonder if it could be partly behind my quick temper, which is for now under control. I allegedly grew out of my symptoms by the time i was 16, but the calmer me has been asking random questions.


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