Live the dream


Well I’ve completed 4.7 miles in 55 minutes.
Enjoyed it, I’ve got three weeks left of this regime, then onto 20k which really will be a first. Although I may build my 10k pace for a while first 
I’m seeing results now, even if the scales aren’t one of them.
But I’m impressed with myself having gone from struggling to do run half a mile to running the majority of the distance tonight.
Just goes to show I CAN I CAN I CAN you just watch me!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Live the dream

  1. You didn’t believe me when I said you would be doing 10k runs soon – I think I said 6 months, you’re almost there in a much less than that – look what you can do when you set you’re mind to it and believe – I believe in you Richard, I’ve been following your journey and it is amazing, what next ?


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