Fight or Flight

I hate conflict,  I either avoid it and get stressed up, or go wading in all guns blazing, and then regret it. I know its my chimp which is 5 times stronger than my human. Sometimes the situation has to be dealt with and is unavoidable tho?


One thought on “Fight or Flight

  1. If you had to deal with a situation rationally – would you send a chimp in to do it? Is a chimp the best thing to deal with a situation sensibly and to intellectually work out possibilities and the best course of action. I would say not. That chimp isn’t good for much in modern society, but it doesn’t want to give up it’s authority – in primitive times it was what kept us alive and safe, other wild tribesmen/women and wild animals were a real threat and you don’t stop to negotiate with wild animals. But we live in a modern world where the chimp isn’t needed so much and most humans you can now negotiate with. If their chimp is in charge, don’t try and negotiate, wait until they are using their intellect (in a good place, calm and rational) and use your intellect to talk rationally. If you go into a situation with your anxiety levels up, the chimp takes charge and the other person’s chimp will react because they will feel under threat, and vice versa. The secret to dealing with other people without conflict is learning how to stay on your intellect and keep the chimp well away from it – it is not an appropriate tactic. It’s the chimp that sees it as conflict and has the fight or flight response. The intellect (or your boffins) don’t see it as conflict at all, they view it as negotiation and discussion. It’s a whole new area you’re touching on and a big one, but you can enjoy trying different strategies to get your way without conflict.

    Have a look at this one to start with – you will come across loads of control freaks and they love a bit of conflict and will try and get others into if they can


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