And breath

After the weekend from hell, youd excuse me for being bad tempered.
It began normally,  but by midnight I was in a & e with my partner burning up, didnt sleep until we got home 7pm sunday, so in all id been up 40 hours, admittedly sunday was totally caffeine driven.
But each time I wanted to lose it I took a deep breath and suggested to my chimp itd be counterproductive to lose my wrag.



2 thoughts on “And breath

  1. Dispite having to deal with all that, how do you feel about yourself for keeping in control and not losing it and how much more difficult would it have been if you had lost it. You should be very pleased with yourself and recognise how much prouder of yourself you are for dealing with it. Self esteem.


    1. Well I feel great, and losing it wouldn’t have helped me or louise. I’d have been removed and louise wouldn’t have had any company and low morale. I’d have felt bad and it would have created more problems than it solved.


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