Call Security

The closing chapter of “the chimp paradox!” Is me to a tea, so I’ll detail my fears or insecurities and the truths that are associated with them:

Losing my Job
Im always scared of losing my job,
1 I can only do and be my best
2 whether ihave a job is not totally under my control

Loss of mother
1 death is a certainty,  I will deal with it as an adult when it arrives
2 it took time but you did recover from losing your dad

Loss of relationship
1 you can only do your best, and can deal with all eventualities as an adult
2 you do not control your partner

Being laughed at
1 we all make mistakes or make a fool of ourselves occasionally
2 if you can make just 1 person laygh per day, good job

Losing the flat
1 you do not own the flat
2 You do pay the rent generally on time
3 the letting agents in control on the owners behalf

There are more but these are the chief fears


2 thoughts on “Call Security

  1. You are so much stronger than you think Richard, they way you have stepped up and taken control of your life and decided to turn it round shows that you can do it and now you have stepped onto a different path, you will be amazed at how much more you can achieve – easily and how easy and automatic it gets the more you practice.


    1. I know emma I’ve impressed myself, however I am trying to work our how I terminate or control these fears. I’ve always avoided conflict even when in needs to happen. How do I change that.


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