Confronting myself

For some years now ive had what is apparently termed a ” waking dream!” Which means I wake before the dreams conclusion. Well in this dream im walking down a corridor, in the distance I see a shadowy figure, whom as I approach ignites his light sabre, my response is to ignite mine, almost as I am about to see who the figure is I wake.

It will be interesting to find out whether im right; but I believe that the dream is about confronting myself, which is what im doing now. The jedi in me ( my human brain) confronting the sith in me (my emotional self!)
Ive realised im largely sith driven, and I want to be more jedi.
I Am Driven by fear:
1 fear of loss
2 fear of failure
3 fear of  being laughed at
And so much more.

Well ive realised why today, my confidence and happiness is material driven ie sith (emotional)

My intention is to replace the thought that my success  is driven by material gain, with the jedi thought that I will always do my best, which strangely enough is what ive always taught my daughter!


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