New year new me

1/1/2015 new year, new me. I decided id had enough of being dragged back by my past! My ex, The Raf,my attitude to money, food (although im not overweight!) and the big one my dad dying in 2012.

All accept my dad, was baggage to be boxed up labellled and archived, but my anger and sadness over my father was needing confronting,  he asked me to fight his corner.

Well i felt steam rollered by other members of my family.

So to the steps taken so far:

1 my new years resolution, to be more positive

2 put the bad memories in a box and lock it,  put it in a vault and lose the key.

3 made contact with OldTownHypnotherapy

4 Read the book that drove me on,  The Chimp Paradox by prof stephen peters.

5 make long medium and short term goals, which I will detail.

short term goals 

1 im a courier and challenged myself to raise my driving scores

2 do something about my self image, shaving etc

3 instead of having my lunch disappear within an hour of starting work spread ut out over the day, all done to my pleasant surprise.

4 this week, spend 20 minutes per day cleaning and tidying the flat.


1 sort out my attitude to money


Be more positive

leave the past behind,  but learn from it.0

well that brings me to today and thought id document my journey,  if it helps someone else then all to good,


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